Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Parents’ Workshops at NIRMAN

            Parenting is obviously as old as creation. In todays volatile India, however, there are new family tensions and parental worries. These concern language use, including body language, discipline at home, socialisation into ethics and morals, interaction with school, the nitty-gritty of consumption, including of internet and TVand much else.

            In village India, and in the smaller cities of India among the lower middle classes and working classes, there is a problem. Older networks and support systems are weakened and destroyed. New techniques to teach parenting are slow to replace them. Our research with families reveals a huge lacuna. Parents are more and more concerned that they are not in controland they are not.

            The Centre for Postcolonial Education at NIRMAN is working on precisely this problem. After years of ongoing research with families in the city and village, we have launched a bi-monthly workshop series free and open to all. We use images, objects, interaction and the arts to discuss the following topics and more:

Nutrition for the child             Books and reading                  Phone and internet                  Discipline                                Storytelling                             Games and Play
Academics                              Everyday life in the house      The world

            On July 22, we had the first workshop, on The Mind of the Child. About fifty parents attended, listened, interacted and were very interested. The next one is on Aug 12, and the one after that on Aug 26, on, respectively Academics for 2-10 year olds and What should my Child be Eating?” 

             Please attend and share with any interested parents and individuals!

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