Friday, November 29, 2019

Every child has a different learning style and pace : From the desk of a parent!

We had enrolled Ishaan in South Point Pre School in August 2017 after an extensive survey of various schools in Varanasi. We were looking for a place which allowed children the space and time to adapt to a new environment. The reason for giving so much time in choosing the right place for Ishaan was that he had developed very high levels of separation anxiety due to my job during his younger years. The other reason was that he had never interacted with any children of his age before school. He was (and still is) an introvert with rather high intelligence- something which made it crucial that he had involved, efficient and patient teachers.

The first three months at school were very difficult- both for him and me. As his father was in a different city, it became twice as challenging for me to see my son experience the kind of anxiety that he did. But the approach of the school was extremely cooperative. The Director, Dr. Nita Kumar, allowed me to stay with him in the class until he became comfortable with the environment. While Ishaan did well in individual activities (writing, counting, drawing, etc.), he refused to participate in group activities (rhymes, games, etc.). I am still grateful to the teachers who never forced him into anything and waited till he himself started participating (this was after seven months!).

Today, I can say that while I am more than satisfied with his academic learning (he knows how to add and subtract large numbers, write small sentences and read short stories in both English and Hindi), I feel the proudest about the fact that he is learning to interact with the world outside home. Despite being such an introverted child, he goes to school without any pressure or inhibitions. He is much more comfortable in new places and with new people.

I am so glad to have chosen South Point as I honestly feel that there are a very few places left which allow every child to grow and develop in his/her own unique way.

Dr. Shweta Singh
(Ward: Ishaan Pandey, K.G.)

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