Saturday, July 11, 2020

NIRMAN- a place which is not less than heaven

Neither I nor anyone can truly describe NIRMAN.
I was in class 6th when I got an opportunity to take admission in Vidyashram- The Southpoint School. As I entered the school premises, I was wondering whether I have come to take admission in a convent school or a Gurukul, without knowing, that this only is going to be my Karmbhoomi.
Suddenly I saw students from other countries and I was very surprised because it was my first ever experience with foreigners. On the first day of my school, I met Kaushika ma’am and she asked me to join Intezar’s group but things didn’t go well and I joined Ejaz’s group and he became my first friend at school. After some days, I started learning about the culture of NIRMAN.
Utsav and his friends enjoying a fun moment together!
It is very difficult for me at least, to talk about my school in the limited words and space that social media allows.
This school is beyond our imagination where teachers under the guidance of Prof. Nita Kumar teach their students with their passion and not just because of their profession.

It was a wonderful experience in attending classes with Abha ma’am, Kaushika ma’am, Irfana ma’am, Pravesh sir, Shilpi ma’am, Gaurav sir, Mirza sir, Piali ma’am, Debolina ma’am, Prashtuti and Stuti ma’am, Evan sir, Sunita ma’am, Asif sir, Vinay sir, Manoj sir, Atul sir, Tanya ma’am, Jai sir, Harshita ma’am, Mitali Sen Gupta ma’am, Mitali Gupta ma’am and our beloved Mamta ma’am whose love and care was none less than a mother’s love for his/her children.
Utsav, his Class 10th friends and his teachers!
The best thing which differentiates The Southpoint School from other schools is its motive behind delivering education. Other schools are mere working on generating more and more profits in the name of education whereas Southpoint has only worked on developing skills and the right attitude and personality in students, which will help them in this competitive environment. My school taught me that we should not run behind the success because success is within us only. We only have to believe in ourselves.
It helped me in understanding the difference between reel life and real life. Here I learnt that no work is small and nothing is made for a specific group of people to do. We all belong to same group that is learners. NIRMAN has not only focused on studies but also on extra-curricular activities such as Theatre, Karate, Sports etc..

The love and memory which I got from NIRMAN is such that when I was doing my graduation from Faculty Of Commerce, Banaras Hindu University, I used to talk about my school days and the things I have learnt from it and I give all the credit to my school and the teachers who taught me and guided me in a way that I was able to crack B.H.U entrance exam.
Utsav at his college graduation ceremony!
My school has given me friends who stand by my side in my bad as well as good times. There I got friends like Anupam, Intezar, Vishal, Aquib and Ejaz who are still very close to my heart.
I also got lots of love and care from the school staffs like Tiwari bhaiya, Shukla bhaiya, Ramesh Bhaiya, Vinod Bhaiya, Subhash Bhaiya, Meera didi and many others.
As I told earlier that writing about NIRMAN in limited words is not possible. I would like to thank each and every teacher and staffs of my school who has contributed in building and shaping the future of hundreds of students.

I just wish that I get my old days back once again in NIRMAN.
Utsav Jaiswal

(Utsav studied in The Southpoint School for six years. He completed his graduation from Faculty of Commerce, B.H.U. He is currently doing his MBA from International School of Business and Media, Pune. As part of his M.B.A programme, he interned with the company Tata Steel this year.)

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