Campus art!

Our campus, after all the construction of the past five months, is finally starting to take its final shape. Last Sunday, Prof. Suresh Nair, an artist and professor in BHU’s dept of Fine Arts, and his students, continued the work they started a few weeks ago, making murals in a cement coating of the walls of our ‘pit’, as it has been called for many years. We are trying to get it a new nickname, as we make it into a dynamic space for children to play and explore!

Shanndara McNamara, student of Lewis and Clark College, did a project with the children of Wonderland House to paint part of the mural. She was here for a month as a part of L&C’s fall study abroad program, through which the students live at NIRMAN for one month, have lectures and trips, homestays, and complete individual research projects.

More pictures on our Facebook page.


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