Monday, August 26, 2019

Gandhi Upvan!

In the year 1988, NIRMAN started with three main principles: integration, excellence in education and environmental friendliness. Over all these years, 'NIRMAN team' has been successful in initiating and completing  various environmental programs at the ground level.

I am going to share my experience in this area and what we are aiming to achieve. 

As a part of my job at NIRMAN, I have recently initiated a series of plantation activities that will extend across the city of Varanasi. Starting in July 2019, the Southpoint School, situated near Betawar Ghat, Varanasi, has taken up a plantation project in collaboration with the state government of Uttar Pradesh. The school, which is a subsidiary of NIRMAN, is using its 8-10 acres of land in Betawar and Chhitauni to plant approximately 5000 trees.The goals for this project are vast and significant for the surrounding area. 

The holy Ganga River has been a site of erosion and unnecessary landscaping for quite some time. This project plans to reduce the soil erosion at the banks of the Ganga, encourage the conservation of nature, and restore the natural habitats of the birds that migrate in and out of the region. The plants that are being incorporated into this area are of great variety. There is sagaun (teak), sheesham (Indian rosewood), bamboo, amla (Indian gooseberry), chilbil (Indian elm), and kesar samia (Iranian saffron), to name a few. We have made sure to research and follow the soil binding, medicinal, and soil restoration properties of every one of these plants. 

The majority of this plantation has been done in the Chhitauni area, and we are planning on naming this area the “Gandhi Upvan/Garden.” The area that has been planted near the school itself will be named in memory of its founder, “Sameer Panchvati Upvan.”

We at NIRMAN have also organized a social event to publicize these plantation activities in a week or two. We will encourage children of our school and the surrounding area to plant trees by themselves to foster a greater understanding and awareness of the importance of nature and conservation in our lives. 

Finally, we are simultaneously working on projects that focus on urban forests. More details to come soon.


Manager (Environment programs)



  1. Thank you so much for sharing. Happy to know about school participating such events like plantation.
    One suggestion please organise one event for parents too , So we can also participate and give our contribution in such valuable events.



    1. Definitely we will invite both students and parents in our next endeavour. Thank you for your suggestion.

  2. Thank you Atul sir for sharing.I am very happy to know about school plantation.l am very excited to visit there.

    1. You are welcome to visit anytime you like Ma'am