Monday, February 8, 2010

Parent Meetings

On February 6, the parents of students attending the Vidyashram Southpoint School came to the campus. The parents had the opportunity to discuss their child's latest work with his/her respective teachers, and meet other parents.

After the individualized meetings. there was a parents' workshop. After some announcements, the teachers led the parents in a few group activities that the children do at school. The pre-school teachers coached the parents in joining paper strips of different colours in patters to create a paper garland. The primary school teachers played a word game, to show how even a practice exercise can be interesting. The middle school teachers had parents listen to an article about rising costs, and pictorially depict how the story affects their lives. The aim was for parents to see how concrete and useful visualizing information is.

Parents discuss their child's progress with teachers. 

Parents engaged in group activities (1/2).

Parents engaged in group activities (2/2).

The parents' activities reflected the educational objective of NIRMAN, which is to encourage learning, and make the experience interactive and fun.

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