Thursday, February 4, 2010

Republic Day

This Republic Day was a bittersweet occasion. While the school had scheduled to hold a field day to celebrate the holiday, some news from Betawar changed the plan. A child from the village campus passed away unexpectedly from the cold weather. Accordingly, the field day was postponed, and students, faculty, staff and parents commemorated the holiday and the student's memory. The children raised the flag, sang the national anthem, and shared their thoughts about the significance of the constitution. After the speeches and the anthem, those who knew the student best paid their respect to him and his family. The holiday took a new meaning, highlighting the need to live up to the potential of the constitution, and the imperative to work to solve problems that cause pain in the form of preventable tragedies.

Nagwa children assemble for Republic Day.

Irfana Majumdar talks with Nagwa students.

Republic Day at the Betawar campus.

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