Vidyashram -The Southpoint parents share their experiences

Feedback 1

The lockdown has been difficult for all of us. But it has been particularly hard for children. Confined strictly to their homes, they were not only getting terribly bored but their holistic development was also being affected.
South Point's online classes have been very effective in keeping them engaged and enthusiastic. I am very happy to see that they are covering the curriculum so there is no fear of children being over burdened with studies whenever schools re-open. But the best part are the creative and exploratory activities that have kept my son busy and cheerful so far. Unlike other schools, the screentime is limited and there is flexibility for the child (and parents!) to complete the activities during the day. 
We don't know when it would be fully safe to reopen schools, especially for younger children. Therefore online classes are definately the best way forward as of now. As far as my humble opinion is concerned, the way my son's online classes are being conducted can be considered optimum.
All the best to the teachers, children and their parents!

Shweta Singh ( mother of Ishaan, studying in Class 1)

Ishaan doing his Maths homework- making patterns on floor, after doing his copywork about patterns!
Ishaan showing his creation to ma'am, after completing that day's work!

Feedback 2

The Southpoint School continues its learning and teaching sessions for students online and almost no snoozing of academic activities  even during the lockdown. Teachers of the Southpoint have meticulously planned the academic calendar for each class and created an online ecosystem of imparting training to the students.  My son is a pre-school student and gets his desk work every day and he returns them back to his teachers after working out. Each lesson and exercise has been made easy and interesting with the support of drawings, videos and audios. So, without relenting the Southpoint School is catering the educational needs of its students.  As a parent, I'll appreciate their dedication to holistic development of my child.
 Prof. Sanjay Srivastava  (father of Abhisht Shankar, studying in Nursery ).

Abhisht with his father!

Cutting and pasting activity done by Abhisht, as part of his online class activity!

Hindi copywork done by Abhisht!

Feedback 3 

 The online KG classes organized by the school have been a wonderful experience for our son... and for us as a family. They have provided an adequate amount of academic practice per day, which makes us feel that our son is on track, without becoming too difficult or overwhelming. The online format is also very appropriate for young children, as it does not require too much screen time or immerse them in a virtual world they may not yet be prepared for. The dance videos, stories, science activities are very thoughtfully prepared and our son is always excited to do them. Hearing his teachers' voices and getting their feedback on his work, as well as seeing the other classmates' work and pictures, is so important at this moment, when there are so few opportunities for interactions with others. Of course nothing can replace the classroom socialization, and sometimes it makes him sad to see the videos of the past class activities, he starts asking when Coronavirus will be over. But the online classes have been something we all look forward to every morning - they provide us with some structure for the day, something cheerful to do, and a way to remain connected with the school community. Thank you so much for this effort, and I hope the classes can continue as long as we are all in lockdown!

Adriana ( mother of Andres, studying in K.G.)
English copy work by Andres!
Maths copywork by Andres!


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