Reflections on teaching: The learning doesn't stop

Not every elevation is Mt.Everest, we need little hills to climb too and the opportunity to lift our feet off the pedals and coast down the other side. Early in my career, I had the teaching experience, but I got to learn different teaching techniques from  Vidyashram -The Southpoint School.

Vidyashram - I was very impressed by the name and I was drawn to the school due to this name and decided to appear for the interview. I also got selected after the interview and a new world opened for me.

I learned from this school, how a topic can be taught to children, in many different and interesting ways, which was a very different opportunity for me. The opportunity to learn these techniques were very useful for my teaching career. Throughout the academic year we used to teach children in different ways, using theatre, music, dance, study tour, interviews, creative writing, storytelling and many more, which helped in making the topic entertaining and inspirational.

All the workshops I attended there, have been very useful for me specially the teachers’ trainings in summer months. I learnt about holistic learning in this school.

As you progress in your career, experience makes you stronger. So, you can take on even difficult challenges. For this, I'd like to express my deepest appreciation towards Nita Ma'am, for her excellent mentoring during my tenure. She turned every mistake into a learning opportunity. Her guidance has been influential and it provided me with the necessary skills and approach as a teacher and a leader.

 Feeling genuinely appreciated lifts people up. At the most basic level, it makes us feel safe and frees us to do our best work. In an organization, where senior leaders and managers care, really care about their employees, the goal is to create an attitude of gratitude, every day of the year. I'm very happy that I got an opportunity to work in such an atmosphere.

There was an interesting thing here that the support staff is given same importance as teachers and managers, which is rarely seen in any other organization.

It was my second home for me. Here, all were tied together like a family.

Everything I learned from this school was very useful to me and will continue to be. So, I am very thankful to the school for this, and thankful to Nita Ma'am who was the best mentor, I've ever met in my career.

With regards and best wishes,

Jaba ma'am worked in Vidyashram- The Southpoint School for 10 years, from the year 2009 to 2018. Apart from being children's favourite preschool teacher, she was appreciated by one and all for her creativity showcased in her classes and for being able to pull out best performances from her children.


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