Saturday, June 1, 2013


Welcome to our blog series written by each member of NIRMAN. So, read and enjoy everyday!


Hello friends, I am Angela working at NIRMAN as an Associate Manager. So, I have to look after the office management, transport and staff management. I enjoy working here because of the friendly and healthy atmosphere here at NIRMAN.
Office management includes right from opening to the closing of the office which simply means office manages the co-ordination with the the managers of different departments, teachers, parents and with our lovely supporting staff about their daily work, their self development, their welfare etc.
Like these days we are having English Conversation classes for all our supporting staff and we gave its name “EACH ONE TEACH ONE” in which every manager and teacher has to teach at least one staff member. Similarly, we are empowering our our female staff in café by giving them training of international level. Now they are able to make everything with perfection which you find in other cafés such as cakes, cookies, pastries etc. So, please come to taste it. I am pretty sure no one can eat just one!
Moving on to transport, let me tell you transport management plays a very crucial role because we have two branches in Varanasi. As many of you must know that we have two branches one in Nagwa and the other one in Betawar, so, transport helps in the coordination in the work of both the places. Then we also provide transport facility to our guests who reside in our guest house. We also provide transport facility transport facility to our teachers and students. Really, I am not boasting our transport facility but this is the fact that we have the worlds’ best drivers who are always on time for their duties. Hat off to them!
Last but not the least at NIRMAN each work is incomplete without the hard work and efficiency of our supporting staff. They are efficient and intelligent to handle any task. This reminds me of our favorite Rani di who is the oldest staff. She is in her 70s and still eager to learn English, I mean one can be easily inspired by her zeal to learn with work. All other staff members are also very nice and loving.They are very gentle in talking and they give respect to each other and teachers also and in return they also deserve the same. Trust me till now in my journey of NIRMAN, working with the staff is the best part. I love them and love to work with them.
Now I am concluding with one fact that as every part of tree is important to bring fruits, similarly in NIRMAN with the guidance of top management, with the research and hard work of managers and teachers, with the co-operation and the execution of every plan from the office makes us able to achieve the targeted goals.

                                                                                                                                                 (Angela Aram) 

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