Thursday, June 6, 2013


Hi friends, read and enjoy today's blog  written by our Staff Welfare in-charge Mrs. Harshita Shetty....

Staff welfare

Staff welfare in NIRMAN aims at working in all areas of personal and professional development of the non-teaching staff members. This year we worked for health and educational needs of all of them.

Employees’ state insurance: This takes care of the medical needs of the staff whose salary is less than 15000 Rs. This is a government scheme in which every month the salaried employee and the organization jointly contribute to a fund which acts like an insurance. Each staff gets an ESI card which he carries to ESI hospitals to get medicines in case of sickness.  The scheme also claims to give compensation in cases of accidents, injury and in cases of operation and surgery.
We are trying to work at the knitty-gritties of this scheme in order to get maximum benefit from this.

Each One, Teach One:  NIRMAN works for children and adults, both. The teachers at NIRMAN teach not only the children who come to learn here but each teacher works one on one with one staff member to improve their language skills in areas of reading, writing and conversing. Teachers interact with their assigned staff member to help share their problems and cope up with all the daily issues.
Our staff members get training to continuously improve in their work areas.
We hold monthly presentations to give platform to help them shed their fears and develop self confidence.

Incharges: Making incharges from amongst staff members develops leadership skills and capabilities; this is a policy which we use here every day.  Caf√© incharge, transport incharge and various such incharges are chosen from amongst staffs who work in these areas. This is done to motivate them to take total responsibility and avoid blaming or accusing.

The aim is to erase the gap between THEM and US.
                                                                                                   (Harshita Shetty) 

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