Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Teachers's Entertainment

Teachers’ Entertainment

At NIRMAN, teachers are very busy for their hectic schedule programme throughout the year, such as teaching which includes enhancing their teaching techniques, regular activities like fair, open house, workshops, self development programme, music concerts, theatre etc.
So, for the relaxation of the teachers, there is “teachers’ entertainment programme” in which incharges organize events for the fun and relaxation of the teachers. In every month there is one event like indoor games, outing, trip, pot luck party, going to a movie, story reading and telling activity etc.
There is also a provision of a book reading from NIRMAN management in which some books and magazines are specially issued only for the teachers.
I am glad to tell you that in the last session we had lots of events for our entertainment through out the year but the last event of the last session was unforgettable because we had this trip just before the final evaluations of the students. I still remember everybody was so busy with the evaluation work and suddenly one notice was circulated by our Director that we are going to have a trip to Sarnath and trust me that trip changed our moods; all of us enjoyed a lot and really got entertained. Thanks to our Director!
At last I want to tell you that in spite of a busy and hectic schedule of each NIRMAN family member we have a blend of work plus entertainment.
                                                                                                                ( Saumya and Angela)

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