Tuesday, April 14, 2020

My teachers always believed in me, even when I didn't.

I wouldn't be what I am today if my mom hadn't enrolled me in  The SouthPoint  School. My journey started at South Point when I was in class 4. For me, it was a shock the way school functioned. Soon it became a home for me. I loved to stay there more than I would at my home.

There are several moments that I cherish that took place in the South Point.

I remember that one day when I was having issues back at home, and they weren't just random issues, and Irfana ma'am came to my rescue. She saw through my sad face and called me. We both just sat under a tree and she asked me what is going on with me. I cried explaining her everything, and as a parent herself, she helped me cope up with it, she explained to me a lot of things that my parents couldn't. She understood me more than my own family. That was the moment I realized how precious this school is for me. The guidance, the support, the friendship, the care I got from the SouthPoint is something I can never repay them for.

South Point is not just any academic place, it is an overall experience to just be there, and I am lucky I got to be a part of it for a good time of my life.

Another moment from my South Point Diaries, is when we would go to the Betawar campus by bus, and we had this project of creating our museum. For collecting things for our museum, we would go on exploratory walks with Mirza Sir, and Irfana Ma'am. During one of the walks we were walking along the side of a river canal, and we asked Ma'am and Sir if we could just jump in, and they said yes! All of us, including them, just jumped right in and it was something I never expected from a school.

The best thing South Point gave me is people. The friends I made there are the ones who still stick by me no matter what. They support me, care for me, and be there when I need them the most. Even the teachers are still always there when I need guidance or their opinions or just anything they can help me out with.

When I left this school, I couldn't adapt to the society of these commercialized big schools. The diversion, the people, everything was a nightmare. I remember being in a depression for 6 months after I left the south point. I did bad in studies outside, and I had to repeat my class 11th. At that time, the south point had just started 11th and 12th. I met Nita Ma'am, scared and ashamed as hell, that I failed, I failed everybody. I'd never felt the lowest in my life till that day. But Nita ma'am unexpectedly guided me without a single judgment from her side. She just took me in again with an open heart. I thought everybody will judge me that I was a year senior and now coming back as same as them. But Nita ma'am made me believe that we are all here for you, and no one will think about you like that, and everybody loves you here. I was still a bit worried and ashamed, but to my surprise, it was like I never left. I never felt a judgment from a single person in the South point, be it all the didi who worked there, all the bhaiyas, all the teachers, and even from the people I was meeting there the first time.

As for what I am now, I am a law student. But most importantly, it is because of people of South Point that I can change my destiny, I believe in myself so much today because Irfana Ma'am, Nandini Ma'am, Mirza Sir, Nita Ma'am, and all the people from South point believed in me when I couldn't. They pointed out all my qualities when I considered myself a complete failure. It is to all the people at the south point that credit of me being successful goes to.

South Point will always be the best thing that could have happened to me.

- Aartika Saini

(Aartika passed from The Southpoint School in the year 2015. She is currently doing Bachelors degree in Law (final year) from Banaras Hindu University. She loves designing. She is also volunteering and working in the school's  publicity team.)

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