Friday, April 17, 2020

The exposure and training for teachers here is far better than 99% of educational institutes in India.

The experience, exposure and training, for teachers here, is far better than 99% of educational institutes in India. I can say this because I, as well as, my many friends have done B.Ed. from various institutes across India, and I know the curriculum and structure of study we go through.

I resigned from my job as a Software Professional, to pursue my passion of teaching and God's plan brought me to NIRMAN. I was amazed to see their recruitment process. It was a 2 day program, loaded with so many team activities, whose meaning and relevance, I understood later. Our academics were in our report cards, but they were looking beyond it: how we connect with people, how we deal with a new situation, how much we trust people, and the list can go on.

Open House at the Southpoint campus

Initially, I followed the principles of NIRMAN, only because the Director Ma'am, Dr. Nita Kumar, has a long experience in this field. Then one fine day, I got an opportunity to go to Delhi and attend a 2 day seminar on Inclusive Classroom and other latest topics of concern and research. And I was amazed, and very proud, that we, the teachers at NIRMAN, were incorporating most of the techniques which is still a mere dream for most of the schools. Examples of this are: inclusive classrooms, multilevel teaching, designing age-appropriate curriculum, etc. 

  Mitali ma'am with her students during a sports event at the Southpoint campus

Later, when I was doing my B.Ed., I could once again feel that whatever I am studying, most of the things I have already applied. And I feel blessed to know beyond my books through my experience at NIRMAN.

Apart from this, we kept getting several trainings as well as tips from the senior members at NIRMAN, training from external faculties from India as well as abroad, experience of working along with trainees from other countries at the NIRMAN campus itself.

         basketball match

And last but not the least, teachers are given complete ownership of their classroom and students, starting from the colour of the desk in their class, seating arrangements, sometimes even flexibility in plan as per the learning levels of the students. Above all, teachers are always welcomed and given full support if they come up with some innovative ideas, that too even if the management has to go out of way to plan it.

Children taking farming tips and understanding the concept of bio gas as part of their Science tour.

I cherish every moment lived at NIRMAN, and believe in their philosophies.

Good luck NIRMAN Team!

~Mitali Gupta

Ex-teacher @ NIRMAN

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  1. Lucid write-up. Wonderful to know that there are progressive, innovative alternative schools in Varanasi which look beyond rote learning and look at holistic development of the child.