Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Stepping out of our comfort zones makes us a better leader!

I experienced very warm, beautiful years with NIRMAN. It was a second home for me. A place where I was free to explore, create, imagine,  while  being a teacher and a leader  and the time spent there, has taught  me many aspects  about professionalism. This place taught me, that for a leader to be successful, she should be enagaged with the community. He/She should be humble and at the same time, kind and patient. 

Sometimes, our experiences at work, pull us outside of our comfort zones, compelling us to confront harsh realities or challenging situations that we never imagined we’d have to deal with. This organization motivated me and gave a chance to me to push myself and discover fully who I was.

One of the best things that the organisation promotes is reading and including arts in studies. Practicing it few minutes every day makes your life enriching.

I am grateful to each and everyone in this school  for their  love and acceptance shown towards me. Thanks to the wonderful and supportive colleagues (Jaba, Harshita, Prastuti, Vandana, and Amrita) for their hand-in-hand work and for creating these priceless memories of our time in NIRMAN.

All to the best to the new team members! Keep doing the good work you are doing and making this world better for children everyday.

Khushboo Gupta worked as a teacher and manager in Vidyashram - The Southpoint School from 2010 to 2016. She is a mother to a lovely daughter who will turn 3 this year.

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