Saturday, April 4, 2020


‘NIRMAN’ as the name indicates, it creates morality, understanding and also a sense of affinity, not only in teachers, but in everyone who are in NIRMAN.
I had joined Vidyashram-The Southpoint School, in Oct. 2015. I had worked in three schools before, but working here is totally different.  Every day, I feel that I am learning. I didn't know choreography or any dancing before, I didn't have any idea of writing or directing drama, but I learnt all of that through teachers’ trainings conducted by Nita ma’am and my seniors, and I feel content with all my work and my learning.

 The best thing is, that we’re not bound with one book or exercise of the chapters ONLY.  We go beyond the textbooks. We create questions and the students are encouraged to frame their own questions. Students aren’t bound to learn some fix paragraphs as answers.  This increases our work but gives more satisfaction too. This shows how well they understand and also expands their imagination.
 NIRMAN gives us chance to understand each and every student, and sometimes, I can say confidently, that I know my students more than their parents. We do a lot of work with the students, physical and mental. We give them different topics to write on, by this they open up, they get chance to express themselves.  We observe their each activity, behaviour, changes etc. We also hold meetings with teachers, who all teach in my class. We discuss about students, his/her development, needs, growth, skills, interests etc. Based on our observation and discussion, we make a comprehensive plan to tackle any behavioural problems, if they have any. After every term, we make academic reports of each student that includes reading, writing, behaviour, regularity, any problem, and any interests, this report can be used by any new teacher who will be teaching that class.
In this school, teaching techniques are research based. We make teaching plans according to the level of each student, which is why here I get the chance to learn everyday. Always we think for new ideas to make our topics more interesting, informative and enjoyable as well.

NIRMAN has changed me in many ways. We are always encouraged to find the reasons of any and every wrong behaviour of other adults around us, and not to blame anyone for it. We are like a family here and this is not to do with adults only but all children who study here. Here I Iearnt that each individual deserves to be treated respectfully and they cannot be discriminated on any basis.  We all are doing our duties /work, only the levels are different. This sense, we try to develop in our students too. It is very nice that every student grows with it and there is a sense of integration in every student. This sense, I haven’t seen before, in any other organisation.  All credit goes to our Director and mentor, Nita ma'am. She has developed a culture in this organisation and that reflects in us.
I have been teaching here Science and E.V.S., from Class III to Class IX , and the most distinguishing aspect of this school is, that students still want to stay here after their term is over . They like this place more than their home. They are accepted here whole-heartedly and given a chance to grow fully and be their best selves.
     Connecting with NIRMAN, by any how, as a teacher or a student, is an unforgettable experience for one’s lifetime, this I can say, by my experience here, of so many years. Many of our ex students come and share that they miss this school a lot. In their new school nobody is like The Southpoint, nobody wants to know their views and their perspectives. They miss this school as if they left their family. Though our school is upto Xth only, every year pass out students of 10th request to run 10+2 also.
  NIRMAN is not a school only, but a family for everyone who is working here or studying here.


Class V with her Class teacher, Pragya maam!

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