Thursday, April 9, 2020

This school has made me who I am today.

South Point! When I hear this name, I am able to imagine myself, wearing that white tunic, roaming around in the whole school. This school has made me who I am today. I find it very difficult to pen down my experiences, because all the memories and all the moments from that place are so special, that I get overwhelmed when I start thinking of them. 

Ever since I entered that place, at the age of 6, I met an environment no different from home. I got teachers, with whom you could share everything about life. I learnt the importance of expressing emotions. The importance of  being empathetic and kind! When I see people around me, I find most of them restricted within themselves, not able to express, not finding it right to express. But this was the first thing that I was ever taught in my school. When we kids, used to make fun of each other, or tease each other for liking a classmate of the opposite gender, I remember Priya ma'am coming to us and telling us, we all love each other and there is nothing to laugh at or feel ashamed of. And then we were told to say ‘I love you’ to each other, each one of us. That is when I learnt that love is not an act. It is a nature. 

We had students from different countries, students with special needs, and students from different parts of the society. But we all studied together. We were taught how to grow without competition, how to study to learn, and not only to get marks. 

The two teachers who shaped me into who I am, have been Irfana ma'am and Mirza sir. They have given me so much  love that I can never think of passing on anything else but love, to others. They have been there with me through my thick and thin. And I cannot imagine my life without having them around. 

Nandini ma'am, Kinshuk sir and Kaushika ma'am.. they have taught me a lot many things and that too so simply that I still miss those Maths and Social Science classes. Those worksheets, 'golgappe waali aunty', 'sewage treatment plant', everything has been so so amazing. 

Mamta ma'am, has another special place in my heart. She always motivated me to perform better and believed in me. I still remember all the things she told me before I left the school. 

I don't want to miss a single name among the teachers who have been there with us, Abha ma'am, Archana ma'am, Ashutosh sir, Menka ma'am, Amrita ma'am, Brijesh sir, Nawal sir, Pravesh sir, Shilpi ma'am, Sunita ma'am, PK ma'am, Piali ma'am, Deblina ma'am, Prastuti ma'am, Evan sir, Anne ma'am, Sandy ma'am, Swati ma'am and whoever I happen to miss here.

From that white tunic to the white coat, whatever I have grown to become, a large part of it is because of this place, and the people I met here. 

- Dr. Pallavi Tripathi, MBBS. Currently doing internship at AIIMS Patna,
Studied in  Vidyashram -The South Point  School till class 8th, passed in the year 2009. 


  1. Its really a wonderful school that instead of teaching a student, creates interest in a student to study books and the students gets interest in study books.